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Port Wentworth GA Hotel in Historic Port Wentworth Georgia
Our Port Wentworth GA Hotel is located in historic Port Wentworth Georgia in the heart of the Heart of the “Cotton Kingdom,” Mulberry Grove Plantation and Effingham County, Georgia.

The Port Wentworth GA hotel, one of Port Wentworth Georgia’s newest and most stylishly decorated Port Wentworth hotels, Inn at Mulberry Grove was built in 2006 along the old Augusta Highway roadway (now Highway 21) connecting Savannah Georgia to Augusta Georgia. Literally, within a hundred yards from the original 2200-acre Mulberry Grove Plantation (circa 1836) homesite in Port Wentworth Georgia, the land holds a place of utmost significance among Georgia’s most treasured historical places and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Scenic Wildlife Paradise in Port Wentworth Georgia
Eli Whitney? The cotton gin? Old news? Savannah Magazine calls Mulberry Grove in Port Wentworth Georgia a “scenic wonder, wildlife paradise, historical-archaeological treasure trove and, before it's done, possibly the most coveted, fussed-over, feared-for and negotiated-about 2,200 acres in western Chatham County history.”

Mulberry Grove Plantation, called by the Georgia Ports Authority “One of Georgia’s Historic Treasures,” is world renown equally as the Georgia home of the cherished Revolutionary patriot and notable for the commercial genius of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin invention (circa 1793) which was devised while Whitney resided on Mulberry Plantation as a tutor for General Greene’s children. Although the production of silk was attempted, the Plantation was primarily used for the production of rice and cotton. Cotton plantations spread across the South, and by 1850, the southern U.S. grew more than 80 percent of the world’s cotton.

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In 1791 General George Washington visited the Mulberry Grove on a tour of the South, stopping at the Mulberry Grove Plantation home of his devoted friend and Revolutionary War military chief of staff, General Nathanael Greene. Greene’s widow, Catherine Greene, and their children occupied the Plantation home at the time of President Washington’s visit.

Port Wentworth Georgia Historical Site
A Mulberry Grove Plantation State Historical Marker located on U.S. 17 at the city hall in Port Wentworth, Georgia, documents Mulberry Grove’s prominence among the most historic of the old Savannah River plantations. In 1733 British Parliamentarian James Edward Oglethorpe (the founder of Georgia) used the colonial plantation’s Savannah River bluff as an outpost and as an opportune location to improve relations with the native Yamacraw Indians.

Unfortunately, very little remains of the original home; however, local groups including the Mulberry Grove Foundation, are actively promoting the preservation of the former Savannah River Plantation. The Audubon Society is attempting to establish a multi-functional facility on the historic Mulberry Grove Plantation, adjoining Savannah National Wildlife Refuse, which would be a one-of-a-kind center based on the uniqueness of the land as a historical, cultural, educational and natural resource.

Cotton Joke - “Man, how good’s your cotton?” -Less
Four cotton farmers were having a drink and a chat together. As often happens, the conversation turned to religion, and soon the three younger farmers were arguing heatedly. Unable to resolve their differences, they turned to Old Jim, the fourth man, who had been sitting quietly listening to them.

"Old Jim," they asked, "which of these religions is the right one?"

Old Jim looked at them thoughtfully, pulled his chair closer and said, "Well boys, you know when you take your cotton over to the cotton gin on the other side of the mountain there's three ways you can go. You can go straight over the mountain, but that way's mighty steep, and dangerous too. You can go up the east road, and that's the shortest, but it's rougher'n tarnation. Or, you can take the road that goes right round, and it's the gentlest and smoothest road you can hope for but it's the longest so you'll have to allow more time to get there.

"But when you get to the cotton gin, the man don't ask you which way you came, he just says, 'Man, how good's your cotton?' "

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